The Affirmative Action President


I will probably judged by some as racist but I sincerely believe that Barack Obama is the first Affirmative Action President. Under Obama’s watch the economy has slowed, the debt has grown to new heights, green initiatives have gone bankrupt, and anti-business policies have stunted growth. Americans are being murdered and kidnapped abroad with frequency. Numerous scandals are coupled with the failed policies of the administration to make him the least approved President in history. The superior intelligence of Obama and his administration’s team has been marred by lackluster performance. Even though most of the left and media are heartbroken or in denial.

To say he was elected solely because of his race would be wrong. Many blacks and guilty white liberals are fixated on his race, but many other Americans love the idea of a multi-racial leader. In reality, though, most Americans turned to him after the financial crisis of 2008. After taking office and in keeping with affirmative action the standards were lowered for Obama regarding job performance. It’s impossible to deny that his defenders make many excuses for him and still blame Bush for everything. It seems that the worse things get, the more he is hailed by the left. It seems that for those people who focus on race he is too black to fail. Thus any criticism of Obama is racism in their minds regardless of the facts.

Obama was elected because people believed that “hope” and “change” would lead to solutions, instead of empty platitudes. Even in his second term he is still complaining about the mess he inherited from George Bush. That song and dance is getting stale. He actually takes credit for a lack of accomplishments. Failures are called achievements simply because he says so, without challenge. Presidents are usually graded on jobs created. He is judged by “jobs saved or created.” There is no room for affirmative action in electing our Presidents.

The President’s signature achievement is found to be sold by lies and riddled with problems. Obama was in over his head from the start and many were blinded by the color of his skin. We should judge all people as Martin Luther King dreamed, by the content of their character. The lesson learned here is that people with limited experience should not be elected to our highest office.

About Commish Greg

I have had a life long love affair with the New York Yankees and baseball period. In my retirement I've discovered the hobby of sports game simulation through online gaming. I also have collected cards and memorabilia since I was 7 years old in 1961. I inherited from my uncle the collections starting from 1956 - 1960 and in 1961 I started my own collecting. I started an online league through Out Of The Park Development and their game OOTP16. The name of the league is the Alternate History Baseball League and it began in the 1954 baseball season when I and fifteen others held an inaugural draft and began the AHBL league in earnest. In my blog I will review the AHBL league and also mix some pop culture and historic events from real life. I hope you enjoy !
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