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A Bloodless Coup

Police and demonstrators continue to fight on the streets of Cairo in a fifth day of unprecedented protests by tens of thousands of Egyptians demanding an end to President Mubarak’s three decade rule. If this continues for too much longer … Continue reading

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Castration and Sex Offenders

A Virginia legislator is proposing castrating violent sex offenders as an alternative to the increasing costs to detain and treat them after they’ve served their prison sentences. It will also prevent them from repeating their crimes in the future. I … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones

The tragic shooting in Arizona proves that we are not in control of what happens around us. Senseless acts leave us feeling scared and vulnerable because of the sheer random occurrence of the acts themselves. It’s horrifying think that such … Continue reading

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Let’s Keep Our Eye On The Ball

Inflammatory speech didn’t fuel Arizona rampage? Histrionic political discourse from talk radio, cable television and political leaders is not the real issue. The real issue isn’t easy and neat, doesn’t fall into the left vs. right argument that so many … Continue reading

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Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough The program, Skins, is an in your face and very popular British series that depicted the interactions and relationships of high school kids. So are we a little more uptight about these things or is the show … Continue reading

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