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Freedom Is Slavery

Freedom Is Slavery Much has changed inAmericain the past 50 years among the many changes is that freedom and liberty became confused with the equality. Liberals inAmericasince LBJ’s great Society have attempted to substitute equality among people for freedom. For … Continue reading

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Two American Soldiers Murdered At Afghan Interior Ministry; Gutless Bureaucrats Call It An ‘Accident’

We seem to be hopelessly lost in apologes from our President and it’s shameful!

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The Hero of Saratoga

  We are taught social studies classes and studying American history that Benedict Arnold was a traitor. We are told of General Arnold’s treachery and selling out his comrades in arms to the British, thus sealing his fate for eternity. … Continue reading

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Duce of Facism

Duce of Fascism The next vinette in our series is a counterfactual history of what life would be like had Mussolini avoided an alliance with Germany. Contrary to popular opinion there was nothing natural to an alliance between Hitler and … Continue reading

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Incident at Marcoing

It was September 28, 1918 and the fighting had been exceptionally heavy that day. Private Tandey had been killing Germans throughout the day, as some wounded enemy limped into his gun sights he held his fire. The German was clearly … Continue reading

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