My name is Greg Masceri and I live in Rochester, NY with my wife Michelle. My four grown children all reside in the area and together with their spouses we have a total of nine grandchildren. For most of my life I spent my time working and providing for my family and now a new chapter has opened in my life allowing me to return to a particular lifelong love of mine and that is writing.

So after a long and winding road I welcome you all to my blog called Common Sense, for life liberty and property. In 1972 I voted in my first Presidential election and at that time, at age 18 I voted for George McGovern because I believed in his ideas and thought that liberalism was the right path for all of America. Well in 1976 I voted for Jimmy Carter although I was quite conflicted at the time I remained somewhat a wavering idealist. During the Carter administration I saw how the liberal agenda was beginning to pan out or should I say not pan out. Anyway, I got married to Michelle in 1975 and had children born in 1976, 1978, 1979 and 1981. The pleasure was all mine, but these were trying times for everyone, particularly my little family. The economy was in ruins and inflation was rampant, unemployment was at the highest since the Great Depression and Iran was holding our hostages. Times were indeed bleak!

As the 1980 presidential campaign began to unfold I had been upset at President Carter and felt that he was ineffective as a leader. The liberal agenda seemed to be coming apart in my mind and my spirit both. Carter was asking for us to sacrifice, to stop wasting resources, to feel that somehow we the people were the problem. Then one night I heard Ronald Reagan speak and he made me feel like things would get better and he made me believe in a brighter future and he told me that I wasn’t the problem. In fact, he said that I was the solution and that a bloated government was the problem. From that day forward at the ripe old age of twenty-six I became a Reagan revolutionary and have been ever since.

So at age fifty-six I returned to my passion of writing and now use this blog to spread my message of common sense and libertarian – conservative thought. I am a published author and you will find an opportunity to check out what books and stories I have written and am writing.
As well as other projects in the works. Additionally I post articles that speak for a great segment of our population of common sense conservatives searching to restore america to her former greatness and propel her into the future.

Join Me!

4 Responses to About

  1. Writer & Editor says:

    I actually had a FB paged names Common Sense once. The problem I see is that you can write until you’re blue in the face. And it can be very good writing, but I find most people I know, to include most familty is that they have their head so buried in social network, reality shows, and things that are not even connected to the dowhill slide of our country, we will be the USSA (United Socialist States of America) before they wake up. But good luck to you.

  2. BlackMettle says:

    Thanks for reading my blog and for all the “likes.” I appreciate it! — C.W.

  3. BlackMettle says:

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the reblog!

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