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The Electoral Ceiling in 2012. It Is Not Just a Republican Thing.

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Liberal Code Speak

Liberals never really want to have a meaningful conversation about their ideology because they usually don’t allow for the possibility of their being mistaken.  In their mind, you can either agree with them or you lack the intelligence to know … Continue reading

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New Black Panther Bounty on Zimmerman

Death threats and a $10,000 bounty offered for George Zimmerman have raised concerns about the threat of “vigilante justice” in the racially charged case. A group identifying itself as the New Black Panther Party is offering $10,000 to anyone who makes … Continue reading

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The Great Collapse of the US Empire by Jeff Berwick

Originally posted on Post-Americana:
The biggest story of the late 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union. After decades of a government controlled, centrally planned economy and outsized military expenditures the Soviet Union just one day ceased to…

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Restoring America

The story of America is one of a self reliant people who searched for and discovered a new world. This new world became America, truly the land of the free and te brave with inalienable rights granted to it’s people … Continue reading

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