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Pax Americana

The first use of the term Pax Americana occurred after the end of the American Civil War. The term was with regard to the peaceful nature of the United States. That is until our entrance to the First World War. … Continue reading

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Seeds of World War III

Seeds of World War III Despite areas of difference and rivalries between Moscow and Tehran, ties between the two countries, based on common interests, have developed significantly. Both Russia and Iran are both major energy exporters, they have deeply seated … Continue reading

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America’s Cold Civil War

We are in the state of a cold civil war in America. Unlike the first civil war the division isn’t across statelines. The dividing lines are drawn in the views of the ownership of men…. of whether we are owned … Continue reading

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The War On Equality

Much has changed in America in the past 50 years among the many changes is that freedom and liberty became confused with the equality. Liberals in America since LBJ’s great Society have attempted to substitute equality among people for freedom. … Continue reading

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Two American Soldiers Murdered At Afghan Interior Ministry; Gutless Bureaucrats Call It An â€˜Accident’

We seem to be hopelessly lost in apologes from our President and it’s shameful!

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