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Watch “Milton Friedman: Why soaking the rich won’t work.” on YouTube

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1934 Cartoon

Originally posted on blogsense-by-barb:
Because no one did anything then, because people figured it was just some off-the-wall conspiracy theory … Now it looks like the front age of the New York Times, eh? Time to do something yet?

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Obamacare – The Perfect Trojan Horse

Originally posted on Boudica BPI Weblog:
Wayne Allyn Root weighs in on Obamacare the $17 Trillion Trojan Horse. It was supposed to “save us.” But in reality it’s been sent to destroy our economic system, capitalism  and our American way…

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Freedom Is Slavery

Freedom Is Slavery Much has changed inAmericain the past 50 years among the many changes is that freedom and liberty became confused with the equality. Liberals inAmericasince LBJ’s great Society have attempted to substitute equality among people for freedom. For … Continue reading

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