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Fallacy of the two party system

Having been eligible to vote since 1972 I have given up that franchise on the national level since 1992. Learning in school that “We The People” have the privilege of electing leaders who best reflect our views. In that way … Continue reading

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To Vote Or Not To Vote

Voting is widely thought to be one of the most important things a person can do. But the reasons people give for why they vote and why everyone else should too are flawed, unconvincing, and sometimes even dangerous. The case … Continue reading

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The Hero of Saratoga

  We are taught social studies classes and studying American history that Benedict Arnold was a traitor. We are told of General Arnold’s treachery and selling out his comrades in arms to the British, thus sealing his fate for eternity. … Continue reading

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The Newt Reagan

Yes you read that correctly, the newt Reagan. As the campaign progresses it’s becoming more clear day by day that it is Newt Gingrich that is the heir to Ronald Reagan and his legacy for smaller government and the restoration … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul? Invest 10 minutes!

We need Ron Paul now more than ever! Spend just 10 minutes and find out why now is the time for Ron Paul!

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