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The Culture War

The Culture War is a clash of ideas about what one believes to be true, and others with different view points. Your experiences, family, friends, education, and the media help to form your belief system, or World View. The biggest … Continue reading

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Jobs, jobs, jobs…

Jobs, jobs, jobs… Living in a political climate of polarization is difficult, yet here we are. The Liberals insist that social justice and inequality is our most urgent problem. The Conservatives insist that big government and high taxation is our … Continue reading

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Liberal Utopia

Liberal Utopia In a perfect world that liberals would see as a utopian achievement of perfection all men are indeed equal. The very premise is irrational since equality of oppurtunity is not the same as equality of outcomes. The idea … Continue reading

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Fight for Your Right!

Originally posted on Mayrant&rave:
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Touch, And Its Liberal/Conservative Messages

Originally posted on Webner House:
With House drawing to a close, Kish and I are casting about for another TV show to watch on a regular basis.  We’ve watched the first few episodes of the new Fox series Touch, and…

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