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Save Our Society…. End The Fed

Save Our Society ….End the Fed Yes, it would make our government more responsible on their spending, we don’t only need to be backed by gold but need to get rid of the Federal Reserve, who prints money out of … Continue reading

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End The Fed Now

End The Fed Now The most important thing we need to bring prosperity back to America would be to eliminate the Federal Reserve. Doing so would allow the federal government to quit borrowing money, reduce taxes and eventually pay off … Continue reading

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End the fed or end US

End the Fed or End us! Its no big mystery now that the US Congress gave control of the goverment over to the Federal Reserve private banks which means our country‚Äôs finances are not controlled by American citizens. The Congress … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul? Invest 10 minutes!

We need Ron Paul now more than ever! Spend just 10 minutes and find out why now is the time for Ron Paul!

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