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Triple Toxic Threats

Our nation is suffering from more than just a budget deficit. We are dealing with a triangular threat of shortages that need to be controlled or we may indeed perish as a society. As we are beginning to see that … Continue reading

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By Wall Street For Wall Street

We are a nation of inconsistencies. Our ancestors ran from oppression and we became oppressors. We fought England for liberty and put chains on four million of blacks in slavery. We eliminated slavery and our tax laws and entitlements began … Continue reading

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Senator Tom Coburn’s new book the that bottom,The Debt Bomb speaks of the big question facing America is not was going to win the next election but whether we can defuse a debt bomb that has put at risk our very survival. History … Continue reading

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If our family budget worked like this

A simple clear explanation of the problem. Its pretty basic math that you can’t continue to spend money that you don’t have.

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The answer is blowing in the wind

The liberal ideologues are out of ideas which have resulted in an angry, disgruntled minority that continues to hateAmericafirst. Whether we’re talking about people like Paul Krugman, Barrack Obama or even Bill Maher these people are out of touch and … Continue reading

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