Fallacy of the two party system


Having been eligible to vote since 1972 I have given up that franchise on the national level since 1992. Learning in school that “We The People” have the privilege of electing leaders who best reflect our views. In that way the United States was unique in having a democracy that all nations could aspire to. Except we don’t and they don’t either. In America we have become so polarized as to vote along party lines instead of electing politicians who best represent our views. This is often because the national party gives us such little choice in the matter. From 1972 – 1992 there seemed to be glaring and contrasting choices for president. The 1992 election proved how polarizing the two parties were as Ross Perot split the conservatives and inadvertently elected Bill Clinton. Since the 1996 election the choice between each party has narrowed and become less distinct. The result has been really two sides of the same coin. Our democracy is in trouble as a result of this kind of tyranny by the two party system.

It seems that “We The People” have forgotten that unity is our strength. It seems we have forgotten how America was founded. We fought, we bled, and lives were lost, but through their sacrifice the words “Give me liberty or give me death” became true. Together we made America. Unfortunately, the two-party system does not reflect that.
Its greatest fallacy is the lie that two parties can ever fully express or understand every American’s need, point of view, or problem. George Washington, the first President of the United States, warned against the two party systems because it narrows our vision and ideals. Yet time after time we have allowed politicians to restrict political dialogue. America is for the people, not politicians. Yet they hold the keys and increasingly the elections are bought and paid for before they’re ever run. The days of a congress of citizen politicians is gone and has been replaced by a ruling class.

It’s time we take back those keys. We must eliminate professional politicians and replace them with citizens. There should be a 15-year life period for each member of Congress. Term limits in congress makes as much sense as limiting the terms on the president. When President Obama, then a senator, spoke at the 2004 Democratic Convention he said, “this isn’t red America, or blue America, it’s the United States of America.” We have lost this vision, and to retain it we must tear down and rebuild America’s political system. In fact president Obama is a good example of this kind of tyranny. Good words with no real meaning or belief in anything besides the next election.

We must build a system where the small guy matters, because at least once we are all the small guy. Where everyone has a voice no matter what and all opinions are heard. We need a multi faceted representative group of parties that represent all of us. Democrat, Republican, Liberal,Conservative, Progressive, Religious, Ethnic, Moderate, Constitutional every party that can garner support. This multi party system would then have to work as consensus seeking representatives who work for the people.

We no longer see the brother next to us as our fellow American, double for those across the political aisle. That aisle needs to be filled with chairs and our leaders need make that reconciliation happen instead of continuing the gridlock. “We The People” need to do our part as well. The change America needs is in our hearts, because the ultimate responsibility falls on us. We cannot allow ourselves to be so divided that we can’t reach consensus. While following elections, it is our responsibility to sort through all the promises and hear what the candidates are saying and what they aren’t saying. It’s time to put “We The People” back in charge of our elections and strip the national parties of their grip on power.

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A quarter century after Reagan


The political landscape of today will never produce a person like Ronald Reagan as President. His unique character, sense of humor, decency, and honor set him apart from all others. A man who put his country first and his party second. He brought a dignity back into the White House just a few years after the horror of Watergate. His faith was strong but he never demanded others believe the way he did.
Ronald Reagan was never for sale to special interests, non-profits, and the billionaire backers who have turned our modern political system into nothing but an endless field of prostitutes who will betray their own conscience for money and position.

The same individuals who are making it impossible for a normal Politician to emerge as a leader on the national stage are the ones who were most against Ronald Reagan’s policy with the Soviet Union. They were against negotiations to limit our nuclear arsenal or to try and tone down the Cold War. Many were arrayed against him in his world view but they were on the wrong side of history. Reagan and his anti communist belief took the steps that would eventually lead to the end of the Soviet Union. He was a man for the times and a true original and great American. He saw America as a shiny city on a hill and though many were arrayed against his trek to the top of that hill he plodded along. Eventually we all followed and discovered the fruition of his vision.

Since then we have succumbed to presidential candidates that were bought and sold by special interests. Whether democrat or republican they all were and are bought and paid for by the monied elite. Big oil and old money gave us two Bush ‘s and Big labor and new money gave us Clinton and Obama. After a quarter century of this presidential sell out we desperately need but will never see another Ronald Reagan. The past quarter century has given us empty suits in the White house spewing flowery rhetoric and empty promises. Reagan gave us true vision, real policy and a path to liberty.

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To Vote Or Not To Vote


Voting is widely thought to be one of the most important things a person can do. But the reasons people give for why they vote and why everyone else should too are flawed, unconvincing, and sometimes even dangerous. The case for voting relies on factual errors, misunderstandings about the duties of citizenship, and over inflated perceptions of self-worth. There are some good reasons for people to vote some of the time. But there are a lot of bad reasons to vote, and the bad ones are more popular.

Every Vote Counts
Your vote will almost certainly not determine the outcome of any public election. In all of American history, a single vote has never determined the outcome of a presidential election. University of California, Berkeley, economist Aaron Edlin used poll results from the 2008 election to calculate that the chance of a randomly selected vote determining the outcome of a presidential election is about one in 60 million.

Voting Is a Civic Duty
Many people who follow politics closely hold views that are dangerous and wrong (see George Mason University economist Bryan Caplan”s October 2007. Even if everyone who had the slightest suspicion that he was not knowledgeable enough to vote stayed home on Election Day, millions of people would still be casting ill-informed votes. The gap between the promised and real consequences of electing one guy over the other is very difficult to anticipate. Millions were hopeful that President Barack Obama would be better than his predecessor on issues such as civil liberties and the war on drugs. Look how that turned out. You don”t know as much as you think.

Rock the Vote
Encouraging more ignorant people to vote is not just pointless, argues Jason Brennan; it”s morally wrong. There is no duty to vote, but many people may have a duty not to vote. Boosting turnout among citizens who are young, uneducated, or otherwise less likely to be engaged”the primary targets of get-out-the-vote campaigns”is likely to have the unintended consequence of encouraging people to fail in that duty. Washing one”s hands of the whole system is a good way to ensure that they remain clean, even when the politicos are dirty.

If You Don”t Vote, Don’t Complain
Say a man votes and his candidate wins. The voter is then “understood to have assented” to the acts of his representative. Most of the time people are disappointed in the person they elect. The right to complain is, mercifully, unrelated to any hypothetical duty to vote. It was ensured, instead, by the Founders, all of whom were extraordinary bellyachers themselves.

Electoral College
A U.S. presidential candidate only needs 50 percent of votes from the popular states to win 100 percent of the state”s electoral votes. The Electoral College also gives votes to states and not to the people. Don”t you think this has unfair consequences? Are the smaller states” interests really protected from the bigger states” interests? By giving votes to smaller states, the Electoral College also perceives that fewer people live where they actually do and more people live where they actually do not. The electoral votes make presidential candidates interested only in a few states, at the detrimental cost of all fellow Americans.

So, friends do you still think your votes matter? As American citizens, why do we actually vote? Do we vote since it is our constitutional right to vote, regardless of the final outcome? Or do we vote to pacify our conscience that we have supposedly voiced our opinion and performed our civic duty, regardless of the final outcome? In any case I can sleep well knowing that my vote doesn’t really matter especially in a system so flawed.

Our political candidates are hand picked by monied interests and then paraded to the voters after they’ve been purchased. My opponent talks about it “being better to be counted than discounted” by voting. This sounds great except that our vote is already discounted before we even start.

The candidate that wins often becomes something else. How many would vote again for Obama, either Bush or even Bill Clinton. The progressive ends up moving toward the middle and so does the conservative. Because at the end of the day these candidates more often than not really don’t believe in anything except getting re elected. I don’t see how more ignorant people voting is more democratic. The fact is that the majority of voters cast their vote not on issues but looks, hype and following the crowd. Most people can’t tell you three things the candidate is about.

This may be the most ridiculous argument of all. If I have to choose the lesser of two evils then I’m choosing someone that by definition I don’t want. That is just stupid! I can write in or vote for a third party. The net effect of these actions are to elect the favored candidate of one of the two main parties. I would never choose to do that. I’m
Sixty years old and I’ve voted in every election since 1972. The last presidential election that I voted in was 1992 when I wasted my vote for Ross Perot the independent candidate. Since my vote basically elected Bill Clinton I realized just how useless it was. Then because I live in New York I also realize that only democrats will ever get my vote. So I have happily not voted for president since and I’ve seen the quality of our candidates dwindle over the years.

So while I don’t suggest that you shouldn’t vote, I hope you will agree that I don’t feel that I should.

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Welcome to Numerica!


Welcome to Numerica!

It seems with each passing day that the America in which I grew up is disappearing, slipping into the past as an aging man lost in his own remembrance of times gone by. We can yearn with sorrow for what we have lost and we have lost a great deal but we must realize that we have lost it completely. As our nation begins the slow crawl in emerging from the great recession and as we enter an era of austerity unlike any generation has perhaps ever known. America is in a cultural and moral decline in which one can only conclude that she may have achieved perfect decadence. Religious faith has ceased to exist for most people and as it dies so does a culture, civilization and its people.

Religious faith gave birth to Western culture over 1000 years ago and people from Europe spreading West to California. As religious faith fades and the Third World begins to claim the modern landscape we are shown proof that we are certainly in the last phase of a great American civilization. A great poet and philosopher Kahill Gibran once said in his great the garden of the prophet, “we pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation.” The American nation is coming apart at new forces have emerged and grown in the past 50 years to preside over what has become a fragmented Numerica.

Some may think that I call the death of America prematurely but I would ask those who do to consider that in the 1970s Americans faced a Soviet Union poised for world domination as they were along with America one of the dominant superpowers of the world. Who would’ve guessed that the Soviet empire would collapse and that the Soviet Union would in fact disintegrate. Keep in mind that like the Soviet Union America commands and Empire of military allies, military bases and soldiers who are engaged in a seemingly endless wars around the world. Like the Soviet Union America is a land of multicultural, multiracial, multilanguage and overstretched. The ethnic nationalism that drove the Soviet Union to separate into regional almost tribal states is now occurring throughout the American nation. As Americans begin to divide themselves by ethnicity, by racial identity or by native birth. People of California who were there before either the Mexicans or the Western whites who want to be called chinos now emerge as another separate group. Or native Hawaiians whose people occupied that land before other Asians or Western peoples also want separate identity and political power. These are actions of Numerica and not America.

It is true that a nation is a group of people who share a history, culture and language who worship the same God, celebrate a common history and are held together as Abraham Lincoln would say by “bonds of affection, mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearth stone”. That was indeed the nation of America and that is the country who is dying because the European and Christian core has been shrinking away. In the next 10 years deaths among white Americans will exceed births, while immigration is altering forever the face of Numerica. There is no doubting the statistical evidence that points to the social disintegration and end of our American culture.
In America people view abortion as the killing of the unborn while those in Numerica regard the right to life movement as repressive ideology. One group of crazy people assassinate abortionists another group of crazies kill antiabortion protesters. Advocates of gay marriage see their adversaries as bigots and opponents of gay marriage see advocates as elevating unnatural acts to the status of sacred matrimony. Were one part of America sees progress the other sees decadence as the struggle between America and Numerica tries to find any common moral ground at all.

Christmas and Easter were once times they United America in great joy. Today we fight over whether Christmas and Easter can even be mentioned in public schools. Part of America regards our history as admirable and part of America sees it as racist. Old heroes such as Christopher Columbus are seen in Numerica as racist relics of a time gone by. Replaced in America by Martin Luther King and Cesar Chavez as the lines become blurred throughout Numerica. Numericans now celebrate Cinco de Mayo and no little or care nothing of the battle of Gettysburg fought on American soil. Cable news has chosen sides in the culture war and our music even seems designed to divide. Within our nation on matters of morality, politics and culture we are driven apart. We become a nation of cowards as we denounce each other over racial differences. We disagree with our president therefore we are racist seems to be the chant by many in Numerica. When the tea party emerged as a political counterculture in America and crowds turned out to oppose health care reform majority leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi called them evil and un-American. Yet by the end of 2009 only four months after they begun most Americans had a more favorable view of the tea party then they did either of the two major political parties. Yet in Numerica both the tea party and the Republican Party are despised as bigots

Racially-based justice is the new reality and his long as justice is dispensed against white males then it is fair in Numerica. The deck is stacked against white males in this new race-based justice. Almost fifty years after Martin Luther King proclaimed the future of his children where they could not be judged by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their character we have now succumbed to the reality of a kind of reversed new Jim Crow era. Tribalism in Hawaii, California or anywhere else in Numerica threatens our very democracy and relegates it to the dustpan of history.

When in America it has become bigoted to consider the rights of fifty million aborted humans it is no longer the country of my birth. When in America it is deemed normal for gay people to marry and thus gain equality with one of our most sacred institutions that it is no longer my America. When we no longer celebrate the brave men who came to a new world and its discovery or celebrate the courage and sacrifice of the millions who died for our freedom and instead rejoice at foreign-born heroes or battles in foreign lands then it is no longer my America. When I am told that Christianity has surrendered its dominance to the religion of democracy then it is no longer my America. When I am told that foreigners need not surrender their ethnic nationalism and learn English as well as meld with other Americans then it is no longer my America. Whenever inequality exists and without knowing all the facts institutional racism is to blame then it is no longer my America. So along with millions of Americans I will fade away in my nostalgia for a great nation and people that will soon be lost to Numerica.

Numerica is a nation that will murder for convenience, or human beings no longer receive their rights from God but rather from a so-called democracy. Numerica is a nation where gay is the new normal and religion is outdated, unnecessary and forgotten. It is a place without a moral compass where doing what feels good is what’s right. In Numerica they celebrate not those fallen heroes of war or of discovery but the new heroes of entertainment and popular culture. Numerica is not a nation of 50 states but rather a nation of 1 million different states of mind that is fragmented beyond rationalization or reasoning. Numerica is a country of victims whose constant injuries require financial assistance and aid from an ever shrinking group of perpetrators.

The tragedy of the story of the death of America is that as a society we were unaware that we were indeed dying. The cultural revolution of the 1960s started America on a course that would become the beginning of the end for America. As Christianity faced a flock that was increasingly skeptical of church doctrine and teaching it began a gradual loss of influence in America. In reality Christianity was losing Europe and the whole Western world as both Catholic and Protestant churches began a slow descent into disintegration. A great example of the church’s loss of influence over its flock is the Catholic Church who proclaims that abortion is murder and that any church members who actively participate are in effect excommunicated. While at the same time about three quarters of its members claim to be pro-abortion. In effect the majority of Catholics in America are in fact no longer Catholic and remain in the church because they consider church doctrine outdated. What they forget is that their religion is not a democracy and their God is not a democracy and their church has not abandoned them but they had abandoned their church.

The civil rights struggle that began in earnest in the 1960s created a basis for the ending of real racism in America. The problem with the ever expansive government intervention and dictation of their version of morality is the alienation of many toward the plight of African-Americans. The manner in which the heavy hand of government was used to integrate public schools for example was often done poorly and seemingly by force. The never-ending tossing of money at cultural and societal problems in dealing with racism was often done quite poorly. A good example of government failure is the policy of affirmative action which resulted in what amounted to merely reverse discrimination. Now of course even the dreams once dreamed for by civil rights advocates have become a nightmare of government programs substituting for the freedom and liberty sought by all minorities in search of equality. Instead our country has become a nation of victims in a never ending search to punish the have more’s for the benefit of those who have less. As if social justice can be purchased from one class of people in order to benefit another class of people. In doing so the only thing that really gets accomplished is that the poor mistrust the wealthy and the wealthy mistrust the poor. The only thing that is left is a splintered and fragmented society filled with tens of millions of victims who will soon be left with no one but other victims to blame for their circumstance.

A great man speaking of the dangers of the disintegration of our society was Pope John II who said “the great danger for family life, in the midst of any society whose idols our pleasure, comfort and independence, lies in the fact that people close their hearts and become selfish” these words seemed to me quite prolific today as I perform a eulogy for America. John Paul went on to say “as the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live” it is prolific that this great man could have foreseen the disintegration of our society.

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Numerica and the Patriot Act


There is nothing Patriotic about the


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