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A quarter century after Reagan

The political landscape of today will never produce a person like Ronald Reagan as President. His unique character, sense of humor, decency, and honor set him apart from all others. A man who put his country first and his party … Continue reading

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To Vote Or Not To Vote

Voting is widely thought to be one of the most important things a person can do. But the reasons people give for why they vote and why everyone else should too are flawed, unconvincing, and sometimes even dangerous. The case … Continue reading

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Welcome to Numerica!

Welcome to Numerica! It seems with each passing day that the America in which I grew up is disappearing, slipping into the past as an aging man lost in his own remembrance of times gone by. We can yearn with … Continue reading

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Numerica and the Patriot Act

There is nothing Patriotic about the PATRIOT ACT

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A Nation in Paranoia

In America we have become a nation of sullen paranoid people. We risk much by living in a society that feels forced to invade privacy in order to protect itself. Since 911 we Americans have become more and more used … Continue reading

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