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Obama eats Dog, Hitler pissed!

Originally posted on AMERICA TIMES:
We now know that Obama has eaten dog meat. Americans are having fun with that fact. Watch this funny video:

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Jihad in America – a musical parody

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Touch, And Its Liberal/Conservative Messages

Originally posted on Webner House:
With House drawing to a close, Kish and I are casting about for another TV show to watch on a regular basis.  We’ve watched the first few episodes of the new Fox series Touch, and…

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Guiltiest of the Guilty Pleasure Movies

Originally posted on Prawn And Quartered:
Waldorf: Do we have time to go to the bathroom before the next show? Statler: We can’t, you old fool! We’re bolted to the seats! from The Muppet Show These movies are terrible, I…

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Who Are The Brain Police?

In the mid-1960s a band known as the Mothers of Invention was an American rock band from California led by the self-taught composer and performer Frank Zappa. His diverse musical influences led him to create music marked with experimentation, innovative … Continue reading

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