Welfare for the Rich


The big news on the poverty front is that the percentage of Americans living in poverty is unchanged at 15 percent, which amounts to 46 million Americans. More than 1 in 5 kids under the age of 18 are in poverty and nearly 1 in 4 kids under the age of 6 find themselves impoverished as well. These are unacceptable and yet very real. Poverty in America is only marginally better than it was when LBJ began his so called Great Society. Our war on poverty has been and continues to be a failure. Meanwhile we have the best government that political contributors can buy.

There is approximately $ 175 billion in crony capitalist subsidies and tax breaks in the US annually. That’s enough to bring all of our citizens above the poverty level that’s 46 million people served. The only losers here would be the approximately 1 million rich beneficiaries and their families who benefit from these tax breaks and tax subsidies. I know that this sounds like wealth redistribution but it isn’t. When the rich get welfare through cronyism deals with our politicians this is just a correction.

I’ve never believed that welfare of any kind is the appropriate answer to our problems. On the other hand, no one should be in poverty in the richest nation of the world. No one also should get handouts who don’t deserve it. Especially the rich and connected through political favors.

About Commish Greg

I have had a life long love affair with the New York Yankees and baseball period. In my retirement I've discovered the hobby of sports game simulation through online gaming. I also have collected cards and memorabilia since I was 7 years old in 1961. I inherited from my uncle the collections starting from 1956 - 1960 and in 1961 I started my own collecting. I started an online league through Out Of The Park Development and their game OOTP16. The name of the league is the Alternate History Baseball League and it began in the 1954 baseball season when I and fifteen others held an inaugural draft and began the AHBL league in earnest. In my blog I will review the AHBL league and also mix some pop culture and historic events from real life. I hope you enjoy !
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1 Response to Welfare for the Rich

  1. Henshaw says:

    Another annoying aspect of our ridiculous corporate tax laws is that it really hurts smaller companies. The United States corporate tax rate is far too high, but large companies never pay it. They get sweetheart deals and the smaller companies are at a significant disadvantage.

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