Race Baiting Left Wins!


Race Baiting Left Wins!

The verdict is in and the jury did a better job of following the law than the judge or prosecution did. This case was a travesty of justice that was brought by the state government. A case that even the president interjected himself into when he decried that if he had a son he would have looked like Trayvon. And despite a few last minute stunts by the prosecution and judge, it’s about over. It’s not unthinkable that Attorney General Eric Holder who helped kick this mess into gear could still bring Federal civil rights charges against Zimmerman. The big question is will Holder know where to draw the line because the goals of the race-baiting left have been achieved already.

Yes locking up Zimmerman would have been a nice prize, but Zimmerman, the beleaguered White-Hispanic Obama supporter, was just the means, not the end. The end was to make the case that the justice system is racist and needs more control and supervision by the federal government. Their mission has been accomplished and Zimmerman’s acquittal, if anything, only helps it. This farce was never about the real George Zimmerman and the real Trayvon Martin. This was about the race-baiting left’s use of race for political power. They don’t have Zimmerman in jail, but they weren’t out to just put him in prison, they were out to put all of us in prison.

Zimmerman was not charged from the beginning because the Sanford police had it right from the beginning. The charges were essentially brought by the government with the help of the race baiting media and left. The jury’s verdict reminded them of the limits of their power and the power of the media, but such humbling moments never last. The left will just redouble their efforts. It’s what dictatorships always do. The real goal of the Zimmerman case was to promote racial division. It was to warn locals that the Federal government would be more active than ever in stepping in when thy feel the need to. The message is crystal clear to local police and law enforcement in america, that the feds are watching. It was to pave the way for the next wave of legislation. So in this way to borrow a phrase it was “Mission accomplished.”

Meanwhile as I have said from the beginning if this travesty of justice, more inner city blacks continue to die but because its not from the hands of a white person nobody cares. These kids are literally dying by the hundreds, perhaps thousands, they’re just not bring killed in a way that can fit this sick agenda of the race baiting left.

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I have had a life long love affair with the New York Yankees and baseball period. In my retirement I've discovered the hobby of sports game simulation through online gaming. I also have collected cards and memorabilia since I was 7 years old in 1961. I inherited from my uncle the collections starting from 1956 - 1960 and in 1961 I started my own collecting. I started an online league through Out Of The Park Development and their game OOTP16. The name of the league is the Alternate History Baseball League and it began in the 1954 baseball season when I and fifteen others held an inaugural draft and began the AHBL league in earnest. In my blog I will review the AHBL league and also mix some pop culture and historic events from real life. I hope you enjoy !
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