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Where is the Occupy Wall Street movement headed? It’s not back to long term camping in the parks. Their explicit goal for the next step of the movement is the destruction of the United States financial system.
Anyone doubting this isn’t listening, because not only have leading leftist thinkers like Francis Fox Piven laid out this strategy, but the Occupy Wall Street movement has even written the instruction manual.
First, the theory. In the last section of the Stephen K. Bannon film Occupy Unmasked, viewers are warned that the Occupy movement is just beginning. One of the left’s most revered figures agrees. On the anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement on September 17th in The Guardian, Francis Fox Piven wrote a piece entitled “Occupy’s protest is not over. It has barely begun,” where she lays out the movement’s achievements and its future. She correctly points out the impact went far beyond the campouts.
It is far more important that we can see the influence of the movement’s main issue – extreme inequality – on the speeches at the Democratic convention, for example, or on the ongoing strike of 29,000 school teachers in Chicago who have been joined by students and parents in their demands not only for salary increases, but for a roster of improvements in the public schools. So far, good.
This assessment was before Obama’s victory. Now the left knows they won on the messaging and at the ballot box, so when chaos, strikes, and demands follow, it’s all good. With Phase One of the Occupy Movement moving successfully along, Fox-Piven spells out what’s next:
However, movements that make an imprint do more than communicate. They also threaten to exert a distinctive kind of power that results from refusing co-operation in the routines that institutionalized social life requires.
This is the goal, spelled right out: to get more and more people to join in the protest. Will masses start breaking windows with the Black Bloc? No, explicit violence will continue to be isolated incidents, at least for a while. In Occupy 2.0, the goal is to create massive lawlessness — what she refers to in the article as “the strike writ large.” Fox-Piven continues to spell out exactly the scenarios that she and Occupy hope for:
That is the power that workers wield when they walk off the job, or that students muster when they refuse to go to class, or that tenants have when refuse to pay the rent, or that urban crowds exert when they block streets and highways. In principle, it is also the power that debtors might mobilize if they threatened to default on their loans.
That’s what Occupy and the left want in theory. Now let’s talk about the practice.
Occupy Wall Street has a how-to manual;,their book The Debt Resistors Operations Manual. Previously on Breitbart News, I’ve highlighted one example of how this book — written by Occupy Wall Street and distributed for free on the streets and online — urges readers literally to lie, cheat, and steal to help bring down the financial system.
I’m not being overdramatic. This exhortation to criminal behavior is spelled out time and again in “Debt Resistors.” Here is one example from Page 27, where they suggest readers go to the Emergency Room for medical treatment. Won’t that be expensive? No, not if you follow the Occupy Wall Street’s not-so-subtle suggestions:
Stories of lying about identity to avoid emergency room bills have been reported to us confidentially. You could consider changing your identifying information so they cannot track you down to bill you, but use extreme caution to avoid getting caught.
Imagine the effect on the health care system if an increasing number of people follow Occupy Wall Street’s hint. Another example on a wider, more organized scaled concerns bankruptcy and is suggested on Page 100 of the OWS manual:
With every bankruptcy, a bank or lender loses a certain amount of money—they have rigged the game, so they are probably recovering it in other places. Nonetheless, with every bankruptcy, their books are slightly shaken. One possible action would be a simultaneous mass bankruptcy of those eligible for Chapter 7. This could be organized so that a mass of debtors with debt towards a certain bank declares bankruptcy all at once. We don’t know enough about the industry to know what effects this could have.
On Page 101, they bandy about the idea of similar action for student loans:
Another possibility would be to organize a critical mass to declare bankruptcy on student loans all at once—knowing they will be dismissed, but defiantly insisting in court that the debts are illegitimate and unpayable. These actions would need years of planning, preparation and organization.
That last line is significant. If you’re one of those people who are still dismissing the Occupy movement —even after the re-election of Barack Obama and after seeing that they are laying out their strategy and tactics for the destruction of the U.S. Economy — please print that out and tape it your bathroom mirror. Occupy is gearing up for “years of planning, preparation and organization.”
Occupy Wall Street is in this for the long haul, and right now, they are winning.

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