Repeal and Replace

ImageThe Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act or Obama care as we know it is now the law of the land. Well if it is then we all have to for now live with it, but don’t tell us that its not a tax increase when we are going to add thirty million insured to the government health care rolls. So you can make an argument that adding these people to the rolls is charitable and needed, but don’t tell me it’s not a tax increase. In fact like when Medicare was created it too wasn’t going to cost very much or was Medicaid going to coat much. Now our government has taken ownership of 1/6th of our whole economy and has coerced the taxpayer into footing the bill under the guise of charity and justice, while trampling it’s citizens liberty and their freedom.

Some good people like Congressman Paul Ryan have proposed ways for us to deal with these out of control entitlement programs but it seems that most politicians and most people too want to keep kicking the can down the road instead of bringing common sense and discipline to the budgeting process. People who criticize Congressman Ryan and people like him remind me of blaming the fireman for starting the fire. It’s ridiculous that our politicians are so shallow as to try to rule in spite of knowing the truth that we simply can’t afford these programs as they now stand.

Starting two years ago insurance companies began to increase their premiums to get ready for Obama care and they will continue over the coming years as we sink further into this indomitable mess. SO don’t look at Congressman Ryan like he’s Charles Manson with spreadsheet because that is not the case. It may very well be that Ryan and others like him are the ones who actually have a way out of this disaster of an entitlement crisis that we face. The Democrats want to squirt cider in our ears and call it honey but we know better!

2012 must be a referendum on both Health Care and the kind of country we want moving forward. Do we want a fair shake and equal opportunity for everyone while maintaining a smaller government control in our lives. Or will we face an ever and endlessly expanding government that will continue to erode the very liberty and freedom it promises while taking it away with ever higher taxation. With all of this mind we must vote to remove Obama and the liberal Congress in sufficient numbers that the Republicans can retake the Senate and repeal and replace Obama care. Then and only then will we have demonstrated that the American people can achieve a law which they favor and will stand the test of the Supreme Court ruling.

About Commish Greg

I have had a life long love affair with the New York Yankees and baseball period. In my retirement I've discovered the hobby of sports game simulation through online gaming. I also have collected cards and memorabilia since I was 7 years old in 1961. I inherited from my uncle the collections starting from 1956 - 1960 and in 1961 I started my own collecting. I started an online league through Out Of The Park Development and their game OOTP16. The name of the league is the Alternate History Baseball League and it began in the 1954 baseball season when I and fifteen others held an inaugural draft and began the AHBL league in earnest. In my blog I will review the AHBL league and also mix some pop culture and historic events from real life. I hope you enjoy !
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