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At the Washington Post, Charles Lane wrote an informative article on March 5th. In that article, Lane brought up a great many of the points I’ve been making in the 18 months or so I’ve been writing on electric vehicles, and particularly, the Volt.  It’s good—and amusing–to see the Mainstream Media, with their unlimited resources and multiple layers of fact checkers and editors, finally trying to catch up to my scruffy little blog.  As a brisk appetizer in anticipation of our main course, let’s review some of Lane’s points:

* Three days after Mr. Obama’s hubristic promise to buy a Volt as soon as he leaves office, GM announced that it would suspend Volt production for five weeks—it now looks like that suspension will be even longer—to more closely match supply with demand.  Translation:  Volts aren’t selling.

* Mr. Obama’s goal of one million EV’s and pseudo hybrids…

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  1. Dear Greg:

    Thanks for the link! It’s most appreciated.

    Mike McDaniel
    Stately McDaniel Manor

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