Trayvon Martin…. Suspicious Looking

image Trayvon Martin was a teenager who was wrongly shot and killed merely because he ” looked suspicious” and in doing so indicts us all for our prejudices. However we must remember that what really led to this young man’s death were laws that allow self appointed vigilantes to patrol without the proper training to do so. Mr. Zimmerman was a man who probably wanted to try to keep his neighborhood safer, but his actions were extreme and totally uncalled for. Yet the law says he did nothing wrong by murdering this boy, this law must end and instead of amateur neighborhood patrols we need some professional law enforcement.
This man needs to be brought to justice for his crime because he put himself in the position of policeman, judge and jury when he pulled that fateful trigger. This is not a case of white against black because the killer was Hispanic, we need to stop seeing things as black and white. We should only see things as right or wrong. We need to come together in the name of justice to see that people are never in the position to be police, judge and jury and when and if they are then they need to be properly punished. Let’s hope that the grand jury will help the family exact some justice for this boy’s murder.

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  1. Greg Masceri says:

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    This was my original thoughts on the Trayvon Martin – Gerorge Zimmerman incident after only reading media reports. Then things changed and we learned how corrupt the media really was.

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